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Information Technology

Geographic Information System (GIS)

At De AFTERMATH CONSULTS, we prepare maps and graphics for reports, presentation boards, PowerPoint presentations, and web pages, using a variety of computer programs including ArcGis, Adobe Illustrator, and Autocad. Our services also include data acquisition and data management using Geographic Information System (GIS) technologies, for the purpose of spatial analysis, surface area calculations, mapping, and modeling of topographical and hydrological phenomena. Our GIS team incorporates Computer-Aided Design (CAD) drawings for use in analyses and overlay and utilizes Global Positioning System (GPS) data for use in environmental analysis.

We provide services ranging from the design and implementation of complex environmental remediation projects to urban and smart city planning. The primary products/services are road network mapping, Land Use Land Cover (LULC Mapping), Land Surface Temperature (LST) Mapping, seaport site feasibility surveys, Environmental Sensitivity Index Mapping, wetland mapping, Flood Simulation modeling, Oil spill response mapping, Geo-database Design and Maintenance, and Socio-economic surveys.

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