Nimmyel Ponlir DM

Nimmyel Ponlir DM


Nimmyel, Ponlir is the head of ICT and marketing at De Aftermath Consults. As a Certified Digital Marketer, he holds a Google Certified Certificate in Fundamental of Digital Marketing, he has also acquired other Marketing Certificates; Digital Marketing Fundamentals, Marketing Strategy Fundamentals, Corporate Sales Fundamentals and Marketing Research from a Global Accreditation Body for Sales and Marketing certifications; SMstudy, United States. 

Nimmyel teaches Search, Content Marketing & Social Media Marketing as part of the Professional Digital Marketing Program for the De Aftermath Consults. 

Nimmyel is a strong advocate of the use modern technology in business and personal development. He believes that the digital (online) platform is one crucial avenue and a tool to meet strategic goals both for business and life as people today spend more and more of their time online. 

His teaching approach which is a practical base with common examples enhance quick understanding and exciting learning experience. This he does without stress as his jovial nature leaves his students with unforgettable memories.

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