Nimmyel Ponlir GD

Nimmyel Ponlir GD


I have had many self-made titles over the years: GIS Analyst, Graphic Designer,  Interactive Designer, Brand Manager, Digital Marketer, Corporate Strategist, to name a few. My name is Nimmyel, Ponlir and I have been creating brand experience for my clients in various works of life. As a freelance graphic designer, I have worked on different projects both in the digital and print space.

I studied Geography and Planning from the University of Jos and specialize in Geographic Information System but have a great passion for design, creativity and tech innovations. I have also had the opportunity to take some graphic design classes from online platforms like Coursera and Udemy. 

I have had the pleasure of tutoring and mentoring in the area of graphic design and marketing for over a year.

I am a believer in the 80/20 Pareto principle which suggests that you only need to understand 20% of a subject to do 80% of your work. My goal in all my courses is to teach at the level of that 20% sweet spot and to provide my students with the background and the tools they need to learn the rest of what they need on their own.

The thing I enjoy most of all about being a teacher is seeing my students flourish and to be able to start careers or use their skill and knowledge passionately and rewarding.

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