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Course Overview

Cartoon video creation is needed for publicity of any kind. Publicity is needed for every business, and the main goal of publicity is for your target audience to get the full info you are willing to pass in the shortest possible time, and swift understanding. Aside that, your advert should be attention seeking. Toon videos are a means of achieving these. Over the years, it has been seen that people are more attracted to toon compared to other forms of videos, even if just to catch a glimpse of what it says. 

This course entails creation of cartoon videos using different softwares. Toon videos can be used for a variety of things, ranging from;

  • Converting text to video
  • Using platforms which originally you would have paid to use
  • Using places without going there
  • Using a variety of characters by designing them to your taste
  • Directing and filming any script you so wish and lots more.

Course Objective

In this course, you will learn how to use different cartooning applications for cartoon video creation. Phone applications, system softwares and combination of both phone applications and system applications, you will also be taught on how to create a character, how to film a video, editing and rendering of toon videos.

This knowledge is needed for advert creation of any type or nature. Advert creation for music videos, online and offline marketing, teaching tutorial courses, advert for any program and lots more.

You can also create a movie series for yourself with an interesting story, and take over the movie industry. All can be done with the knowledge you will gain by applying for this course.

Course Instructor(s)

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