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Course Overview

The development of mechanized, computerized and high speed precision production processes has to lead to the release of industrial hazards leading to several industrial incidents.

These incidents result in serious injuries, permanent disabilities, fatalities, occupational illnesses, environmental pollution and sometimes; loss of assets and corporate image. It is important to protect and secure the health and welfare/wellbeing of persons at work and that of persons other than those at work against risk posed by these hazards arising out of or in connection with the activities of person at work.

The knowledge of Health, safety and environment is ideal for all works of life. But is mandatory for the oil and gas sector. It is a standard practice internationally; hence, IHSE (international Health, Safety and Environment). The study of this course will equip you with quality knowledge on how to ensure that loss, damage etc. is mitigated.

Course Objective

IHSE Professional Course is in levels such as Level 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

Level 1: Fundamentals of Health, Safety and EnvironmentS

Scope and nature of Occupational Health and Safety

Principles of Health, Safety and Environment

In-dept understanding of the roles and responsibilities of employers and employees

International Framework and Standards

Business Aspects of Health and Safety

Level 2: Health, Safety Management System

Occupational Safety and Health management system.

Health and Safety Policy

Organizational safety roles and responsibilities

Qualities of a safety officer

Concept and Significance of Health and Safety Culture

Importance of planning 

Risk Assessment

Basic Hierarchy of Risk Reduction Measures

Developing and Implementing Safe System of Work

Permit to work systems

Sources of Health and Safety Information 

Monitoring and audits

 Investigating incidents, Recording and reporting incidents

Review of Health and Safety Performance

Level 3: International Practical First Aid and Basic Life Support

Principles of a First Aid

Scope of First Aid 

First Aid Procedures

Practical Emergency Situations that requires First Aid Procedure

Basic Life Support

Level 4: Control of international workplace Hazards

Hazard classification

Industrial hygiene risk and control

Occupational accidents and illnesses

Level 5: International Practical Firefighting and Emergency Evacuation

Elements, causes and sources of fire Classes of fire

Principles of Fire Extinguishment

PASS Technique for Extinguishment

Course Instructor(s)

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